3 best experiences to cover in Bhutan travel packages

3 best experiences to cover in Bhutan travel packages


Bhutan is not just a Himalayan destination. It is the land of rich traditions, cultures and also modern. You can see people using smartphones and enjoying traditional dishes side by side. So, do not think Bhutan to be just a land of olden traditions, rather breathes fantasies too. Let's deal with Bhutan travel packages.

Why people spend money to come here?

This nation is not just a hilly region but more than that.

  • Trekking trails
  • Unique nature
  • Religious destinations
  • Numerous adventurous activities 
  • Mouth-watering Bhutanese cuisines

Best experiences you can enjoy in Bhutan!

Not just travelling but Bhutan travel packages will let you experience few things to relieve your vacation.

Trying a hand in Archery:

Bhutan's national sport is archery. You can find many archery galleries in the region. You can also see locals trying out their archery skills in these spots. Every village holds an archery field but the best among them is Changlimithang Stadium of Thimphu. If you like archery then you should try too.

Dance with Bhutanese Monks:

Who said that monks have to sacrifice everything to achieve enlightenment? Well in Bhutan, it is not so. On the tenth of every month, a festival is celebrated in different regions of Bhutan. In these festivals, the iconic attraction is the masked dance done by the monks. You can also see the locals dancing along with the monks.

Stay back for the weekend market:

Bhutan is a land of souvenirs and many regions have weekend markets to sell these products. Especially you can find these alluring souvenirs in the Thimphu weekend market like livestock, craft, and artworks. Top items to buy are:

  • Traditional attire
  • Handcrafts
  • Jewellery
  • Souvenirs
  • Stamps
  • Buddhist paintings and many more

Tips before flying to Bhutan!

These tips will not only help you plan a wonderful holiday with Bhutan budget tour package but also reduce your efforts of planning. So take note of it!

  • Travel during the festival celebration
  • Do not forget woolens and shrugs at home
  • Opt for a budget hotel
  • Buy beautiful hand-woven crafts
  • Getting a visa for entering Bhutan
  • Do not take photos with shoes off

Thinking of taking a Bhutan budget tour package for a perfect Bhutan tour? Then book it soon!

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