Kyichu Lhakhang – A Spiritual Gem of Bhutan

August 14, 2018 0

Bhutan, also known as Last Shangri La is not just a country of flourishing its beauty with the picturesque mountain views and vibrant landscapes, but also an ideal pilgrimage destination for the holistic people. Paro, a beautiful city of Bhutan, is considered to be as one of the main centers of Buddhist monasteries. Kyichu Lhakhang…

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Top 5 Adventure Activities in Paro during Winter Season

August 13, 2018 0

Bhutan, the land of thunder dragon, is a mysterious country which is gifted with the sheer brilliance of the Himalayas, holy monasteries, greenery landscapes, sparkling waterfalls and mouthwatering delicious cuisines. Amidst all the places of Bhutan, Paro is considered to be the most eye-catching sightseeing places for its beautiful valley which is fenced in beautiful…

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